Aug 25

The Ice Bucket Challenge is not an ordinary challenge seen these days.  Behind this challenge lies awareness to ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.  It is a disease the affects muscle activity.  I have seen on TV and I feel sorry to see the person who has it. She cannot even move her body and needs assistance.  The sad part is that this will also lead to death.

The proceeds from the donation given will go for research, services for those who are affected and for the awareness after they accepted the challenge or not.

Honestly, I am overwhelmed that my fellowmen joined and donated.  This shows that we can be possibly be united for those who need our help. Kudos!

Aug 21

I am now hooked watching PBB these days. The big night will be this coming Sunday and I am excited who will win. Of course, I have bets and they are Daniel Matsunaga and Maris Racal who lives near my hometown. I have chosen these two because they are very down to earth. Daniel Matsunaga, even if he is not Filipino, I can see how he is accustomed of our culture. He helps the chores in the house and acts like their elder brother. Honestly, I can see that he acts more than a Filipino that his house mates. On the other hand, Maris Racal is a talented and sweet teenager. She is very deserving to be the biggest winner as well. She is consistent from day one until now and showed herself as a fighter to every task she faces. She is talented because aside from she has a good voice. Moreover, she knows how to play a guitar as well. I love seeing her whenever she performs and played it. I hope I will have a daughter who can play a guitar as well. I will never have a second thought to buy an acoustic guitar for her. Promise!

Well, whoever who will win this Sunday. I know the judgment of the people will be heard. The winner who will be announced deserves it.

Aug 18

I’m bloated!

The long holiday gave me a bulging tummy this morning. I am sure this is due what I have even for the past few days. Aside from the cheap fruits sold in our market, the days were also spent by resto hopping. Yes, it was my chance to eat what I want with friends. Sad to say, my longing to eat macarons were not available at French Baker that time. We tried our chance at Starbucks, but it was not my luck so I settle ordering Belgian waffle topped with cream and red berries instead. I know in time that I will be going to eat my cravings. I am looking forward to eating it. :)

My tummy needs exercise. I do not know when will I start, but I am starting drinking green tea again. I noticed how it helps me flatten it so it would be better to start my reformation with that. I do not want to have a flabby tummy. :D

Aug 15


Davao is celebrating Kadayawan Festival today. It is a celebration of bountiful harvest and as usual our city declared it as a non-working holiday. I am off for work and I decided to visit the parlor this morning. This is also the month that I am allowed to rebond my hair again. I waited for this and I am happy that I am free to do the things I want today. I bring along with me my book because I know that it will take long hours for the whole session. After I finished my household chores, I headed to my favorite place. Hubby is not around, so I went there alone.

It took me for four hours to finish my business in the parlor and headed to my second stop and that was meeting my friends in SM Lanang. Whew. I encountered a heavy traffic jam! I am hungry so we decided to meet up at French Baker located at the back of the mall and have some coffee at Star Bucks. It was a day of happiness indeed.

Aug 11

Happy Monday everyone!

As usual I am hoping of a wonderful week ahead of me. Of course, I am still tired from our Saranggani Highlands trip, but it did not spare me from reporting today. I have to seize my remaining days because this will pass. There is no need to be lazy these days. I will have plenty time soon. :)

Well, about my trip yesterday, we bring along our DAVAO neighbors to finally see our home in General Santos City. It was the time that I prepared our food even if the hood is not installed yet. They love the place and I am happy about it. Actually, I invited our friends and family to consider our place for their vacation someday. We will be a happy host. :D

Aug 10

I have only 19 days to go before I bid goodbye.  I just hope they can find an immediate replacement for me so I can train the new one.  If my boss is worried about my remaining days, well, I am as well.  I do not want that I will leave my colleague hanging clueless of what to do.  Although I have already trained someone, but it would be better to train my replacement myself.

Anyway, I’ll be checking my personal files and transfer it to my external drive tomorrow.  I will just make sure that no personal files will be left or else. Hehehe!  Mmmmmm…I am ready to leave. :)

Aug 5

Yesterday, my boss and I finally talked about my resignation.  I can say that I can leave peacefully without a heavy heart.  Of course, I wish them well and he told me to keep in touch.

Today, I am starting to train my current office mate since my boss is still looking for a female applicant to replace me.  My boss knew that it would be better to train one or more person so they can help each other if the other one forgets it.  I am also making files to update with hyperlink so that it would be easy for them to locate it.  I do not want that the new employee will experience the same way I was thought.   It was really a struggle.  I just hope that they easily understand so that the operation will be happy.

Jul 31

The president SONA last Monday was reported the first ever emotional SONA of all times in the Philippine history.  I grew up listening to SONAs and I can say it is really hard being a president of our country especially if you are sincere to help it more livable, progressive, peaceful, economically competitive, environment friendly and so on.   But, the sad part is that even if you have done everything to make it better, but many people still complain.  Well, we cannot please everybody. Some people love to grumble and the worst part is that most of them have not even given help to their fellow countrymen.  Forgive me, but I guess our media fail to report our militant group’s other programs like helping those affected by calamities on their own way.  They manage to go to other cities.  I guess they have the means to extend help as well.  Through it perhaps I will be fair to them.  (hehehe)

State of the Nation Address is an important event for us Filipinos since this is the time when we know the status of our country.  It is also a time where we get educated of the new things that our government is doing to uplift us.  Yes, dirty politics will always be there, but I can feel that the government is trying to be decent.  I have friends and relatives who are working in a public office and they are trying to change the culture even some oldies are hard to convince. I just hope that the next president will continue the right way and improve it.

With what happened to Gaza and Libya now, I realized how blessed we are in the Philippines.  We just have to help our country so we will attain the better country that we want to be. :)

Jul 28

Today is our President Aquino 2014 State of Nations Address (SONA). Of course, this is also the time when militants groups will try to show-off their capabilities in trying to relay the side of the coin. Honestly, if they are accusing the government runs mischievously, their works describe them very close to it.

Well, I will be sharing my own experiences from my past and present. I guess this is not new since I am sharing my public life when I started blogging long time before. I shared how we struggle as a family and hopeful that sooner we will be okay.

I still believe that poverty is not a hindrance to attain our goals in life. We experienced it. And I can say my life lives differently than before because I strive to finish my study to be able to land a job easily. From it, I was able to finance my needs and help my family. I cannot understand why some of my fellowmen remain to live badly.

I have heard many rags to riches stories and most of them are very inspiring. It simply shows that hard work is the key. We cannot be successful if we just wait that someone will help us. We have to work for it. It is not easy, but we survived it. :)

Jul 26

Hi! :)

What is your plan this weekend?

If you ask me, I am going to General Santos City again. I am with my friend and hubby’s family to see our rented house and possibly tour them around the city.

I am not feeling well, but hubby insisted to join them. Of course, out of respect I have to be there since my sickness is not that alarming. I just wish they will not be infected by me.

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