Jul 28

Today is our President Aquino 2014 State of Nations Address (SONA). Of course, this is also the time when militants groups will try to show-off their capabilities in trying to relay the side of the coin. Honestly, if they are accusing the government runs mischievously, their works describe them very close to it.

Well, I will be sharing my own experiences from my past and present. I guess this is not new since I am sharing my public life when I started blogging long time before. I shared how we struggle as a family and hopeful that sooner we will be okay.

I still believe that poverty is not a hindrance to attain our goals in life. We experienced it. And I can say my life lives differently than before because I strive to finish my study to be able to land a job easily. From it, I was able to finance my needs and help my family. I cannot understand why some of my fellowmen remain to live badly.

I have heard many rags to riches stories and most of them are very inspiring. It simply shows that hard work is the key. We cannot be successful if we just wait that someone will help us. We have to work for it. It is not easy, but we survived it. :)

Jul 26

Hi! :)

What is your plan this weekend?

If you ask me, I am going to General Santos City again. I am with my friend and hubby’s family to see our rented house and possibly tour them around the city.

I am not feeling well, but hubby insisted to join them. Of course, out of respect I have to be there since my sickness is not that alarming. I just wish they will not be infected by me.

Jul 21

DavaoCity has been very busy in their road repair projects.  From north to south, I can see how much budget they put into this.  I am happy of course, but my everyday situation made me feel different.  To be honest, going to the office takes more than one hour these days.  The simultaneous repairs made me and I guess all a headache. I do not know when this hardship’s ends, but I hope it will be sooner.  I really hate it.


For now, I have no choice, but to adjust. Hubby always reminds me to bear it since this will be temporary.

Jul 18

It is very unfortunate to know that another plane was again crashed and hundreds of passengers were reported dead. This is the second plane of Malaysia Airlines that suffered again a shady ending last night. I just can’t believe that there is someone wants to hurt many people to let the world know how powerful they are. Speculations arise and one of those is that the plane entered a war zone area and it should have not gone in.

My condolences to the family and I hope that they will receive justice of what the victims have gone through. This is a serious problem like what happened to flight MH-370.

Jul 14

Yes! I am a happy fan today.

When I checked my Instagram account this morning I found out that she won the FAMAS best actress award. Forgive me for overacting this way. I am just a happy person and news like this keeps me alive. Well, of course, I watched her film last Christmas and I can truly say she deserves it. It was really a revelation and it was like I am watching Scarlett Johansson. (Hehehehe) To my beautiful KC, congratulations girl. :)

I believe that being happy is a choice. I try to look the positivity on it in every bad things will be thrown on me.  Like today, not only my hubby noticed our Monday uniform, but my male office mates made fun of it as well. They said that we are we are working in a massage parlor. Honestly, it didn’t disappoint me either instead I bought an accessory to make it look fashionable and fortunately they like it. Actually, they were interested on my trendy necklace and forgot what I wear today. Hahahaha! (Mission accomplished)

There is always good in this world even if we claim that we are doomed. So for today, I am looking forward what will President Aquino will talk about the controversial DAP tonight. I am against corruption, but I am not against to faster policies to aid the lowly. :)

Happy Monday everyone.

Jul 10

I admit that I do not love to watch the sports channel. I do love basketball, but being addicted watching it is not my priority. I guess if I am bored and that it is the only thing available maybe I have no choice, but to watch the game. I am just interested watching some games if it is already in their finals.

I have already heard the FIFA world cup, but the sad part is I am not interested watching football. Sorry, but I guess I grew up in an environment wherein basketball is the only sport I know on TV. Although football is an old game many years ago, I have no liking to know the game before until when I visited my hubby’s office yesterday.

I really wondered when I saw many orange balloons and banners. I ask my friend what is the occasion and she told me that their GM is supporting the Team Netherlands in the FIFA World Cup. It is one way of showing their support. I found it weird, but I guess their whole employees love football unlike me. Early dawn, hubby went to Swill Deli to watch the game of Netherlands vs. Argentina with his officemates. Unfortunately, their fave team loses the game. I have learned that Brazil won the most title that is why they are very emotional when they lost it against Germany.

I know that someday I learn to love this game as well if hubby will insist me to watch. Hahahah! I am only interested watching cooking shows and interior designs for now. Duh! :)

Jul 7

I am quite sad that I am not able to bid some reviews due to a zero page rank. I know that I am responsible why it happened to all of my sites. It’s been awhile that I was not able to post and visit regularly.

I am so busy. Before I will leave, I am doing some reports for the stockholders meeting. Plan and programs for next year will be next in line, so I am expecting another busy week. I know that my boss will ask about it after he will receive the final print outs of his first request. I knew it. :D Hahaha!

Honestly, I am going to miss the busy days, but on the other hand I can now focus on my blogs and other projects. Whew!

I know I can do this! I just leave my income offers for now and will be back soon. I just miss receiving payments. Hehehe :)

Jul 3

Senator Miriam Santiago is well loved by many.  If there is someone that should be crowned of wittiness and intelligence I always think of this senator alone.  Unfortunately, her announcement of her condition was a shock to me.  She is suffering a Stage Four Lung Cancer that even she is clueless why she has it.  She is a non-smoker.  I just do not know if the polluted environment of Manila might cause it.

Most of the time, Lung Cancer is always is associated with smokers.  The sad part is that even non-smokers or who are exposed to an environment where cigarette smoke is present might also get it as well.  This is very alarming.

Her condition reminded me of our officers here in the company. Every time I go to the area, I saw them smoke during their free time or even during lunchtime that we are around.  As a respected officer, I thought that they will also respect their staff. However, they puff as if they do not mind that it will be harmful to their subordinates.  I just hope they are now serious on the standards that are implemented now in the company.

Jun 30

It would be a saddest weekend for us if Bartolome will leave us. It was our first time to witness our mini pinscher experience a seizure. Actually, I thought it was bitten by our other dog that made him experienced it. According to hubby, he saw how our dachshund attacked Bart when they saw the food. They tried to get it, but Bart was overpowered by our other dog.

When hubby was calling my name, I know something had happened. I started crying when I saw Bart lying on our lawn. He was breathing heavily that time. I thought he will be dead. He started to harden and hubby was massaging him and talking him to fight. Bart is very dear to us. We really wanted to bring him in General Santos with us. Fortunately, he hangs on and he is back to his jolly state. Thank you, God. :D

Mini Pinscher, aside from he is prone to leg injuries, he can also inherits neurological condition. Sad to say, it panicked us. It gives us a realization that he is a toy dog and must not be exposed with bigger dogs for a long time. Lesson learned.

Jun 23

The extra supply of mobile phones in the market today made suppliers to sell it cheap like candies. I remember that I need to save extra money to buy my own cell phone before. Even how simple the features, it is still expensive. Having it before is not only a necessity, but a vanity to some.

Nowadays, mobile TV is included to be one of the latest innovation that most want to have. I guess I am a bit too late already because my office mates already had it since last year. I am a person who wants to be entertained so I thought of having it on my own too. The beautiful part is it is very affordable. It only costs 899 pesos. One thing I like about this phone is that it is not touch-screen (I guess I just miss the old one). I can easily text without viewing the keypad like before. I have no problem if my fingers are too big for typing. I totally love it. I can watch TV if my boss is not around especially if I am bored at work. I can now choose whether to bring my tablet or this phone to mend my boredom and I am so happy. :)

Thank you Starmobile for creating it.

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