Apr 15

This week is our observation of Holy Week in the Philippines. We only have two remaining days before our break and of course I’m excited. Aside from Christmas season, Holy Week is also a chance for us employees to have a long, but meaningful break.

To be honest I have this feeling that I am not comfortable saying that I am a Christian. Do not get me wrong. This feeling of me rooted because I am a sinner. Although I know God is a forgiving God, but sometimes I repeat to be unforgiving and hard to free myself from hating someone. It is hard to live in a Christian way indeed. Everyday I always ask sorry and promise to try to be nice as much as possible. :)

This year I guess will be the same as last year. Hubby and I will try to visit the church this week. I already have my ingredients for the long holiday and I am grateful that is payday today so we will have extra cash whenever we want to wander around in the coming days.

I wish we have a fruitful holiday and keep safe everyone.

Apr 11

I am happy to share that this month is our last month of paying our entertainment appliance. We bought it by using a credit card to avail the one-year installment last year. Since we are not able to pay it in cash, we grab that kind of scheme to be able to use it during pay-per-view. Hubby is fan of boxing and I cannot blame him that he is not able to wait. Anyway, I am proud that we will be free and will have extra savings.

Hubby and I are planning to buy our new couch this year. Actually, I want our dining seats also to be newly upholstered as well. The savings that we will be going to save will probably go to this project and I want that it will be the best. I am now surfing both local and international suppliers that suits my preference and budget of course. Our space is small and I’m sure this will not be costly. I have viewed www.foambymail.com and it gave me an idea what foam is the best for both of my projects. Honestly, I am very excited to that it will be realized by the end of this year.

Apr 8

I’m a very patient

person and I give

plenty of second

chances But I am

not a saint, I have

my limits…

Apr 3

I do not know that lately a lot of people noticed my young face. All of them observed that my face is younger than my age. Of course, I feel happy and proud.

I guess the secret to young and fresh face is that I often laugh. It simply means I am surrounded by happy and nice people. I do not consider I have no problems at all, but I chose not to live my life that will despair me.

There are many things to do to have a much younger face aside from visiting the famous B, but based on my experience I live in a life where I give my time on things that I love. I love to stroll, travel, swim, blog, eat, cook, shopping, learn new things, exercising, watching shows I like, talking to God (that’s always even in the comfort room), sing, visiting my favorite people (parents, siblings and friends), checking Kris Aquino and KC Concepcion’s Instagram or shows and of course my husband’s love are my daily doses to happiness. It is not expensive to be happy. It is our choice (period).

You know what? What I am happy about is that most of the people who noticed my beauty are all men. Hahahaha! I’m like I am a teenager (blushing). Sheng, behave! :D

Apr 2

I’m very lucky!

The time when someone wants to get my Ninewest cute clutch bag, my vigilant friend did extraordinary that I fail to notice. I am just concern about the rain and able to reach immediately the place where we can ride a public transport.

We came from my check-up and my friend and goddaughter were with me that time. My friend noticed that there three young men that were following us. When we reached in an uncrowded place, they positioned and signaled each other to corner us. God was so good that time when there was a car trying to park near the young man and it disturbed him so we went on running to reach the place where a lot of people were staying. While we are running, we also keep on laughing because my bestfriend was shouting that there are three men trying to snatch our things. Honestly, I was shocked that my bestfriend manage to shout so loud and afraid that they will hurt her. I called up a taxi and told her to get in. Whew! It was an experience.

Thank you God for keeping us safe.

Mar 31

I choose to be Healthy,


    and FULL OF LOVE. :)


Mar 25

It was heartbreaking when the prime minister of Malaysia announced that the plane crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean. The sad part is that the authorities cancelled the search operation because of the bad weather today. To some it would be relief that at last they know already what happened, but some needs evidence to prove that the report is true.

I just hope that the victims will be given justice that is due to them. Moreover, the airline company and the government will learn from these lapses in giving faster result if this will happen again.

Mar 20

Finally I was able to see traffic enforcers around Mintal. Obviously, the street looks like a ghost town where motorcycles and Pedi cabs are nowhere to be found. I guess that most of the local transport there have no legal papers to prove them they are allowed to travel on highways. Actually our driver was warned not to go in Mintal proper to avoid being caught, but he didn’t mind it maybe he had it with him. When we reached the exact place, he told us to go down faster so he can avoid the traffic police, but it was not his luck that morning. I feel sorry for him even if I laugh about the circumstances that happened to him. Sometimes we are lucky and sometimes we are not. :(

Davao City is the largest city in the Philippines in terms of land area. I guess this is the problem why some areas are seldom visited and the local government eyes only the business district. Because of it, the least inspected areas draw a number of violators like in our place. I do not know if they will continue of what is proper or just a simple show to impress. I am sure legal operators are happy today.

Mar 19



I am fundamentally an optimist. Whether that comes from nature or nurture, I cannot say. Part of being optimistic is keeping ones head pointed toward the sun, ones feet moving forward. There were many dark moments when my faith in humanity was sorely tested, but I would not and could not give myself up to despair. That way lays defeat and death.”

 – Nelson Mandela



Mar 12

Until now immediate families of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 passengers have no idea of what is the real story behind the missing plane.  Many theories are coming up such as possible pilot error, terrorist attack, electronic warfare, hijacking and many others.  There are reported questionable people who use fake passports and believed that one person was an Iranian.

Multiple countries are now helping of the possible whereabouts of the plane and hoping that they can answer already the questions of the majority.  Sigh.  This is so bad.  I mean no one ever hope that this will happen knowing their relatives will feel bad about it.  I just hope that it will be resolved soon.  It is not a joke to have sleepless nights thinking over a tragedy that even the airline personnel and the government cannot answer.  The world needs an answer too.  Everybody wants to know the condition of all 239 passengers on board.

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