American Idol Season 13

From the time when American Idol premiered their first episode last 3rd week of January via Star World, I am very eager to see the hopefuls. Although some aspirants sung songs that are not familiar, I still hear that they are undeniably stand-outs of the competition. If you ask me, well, I have my own early favorites. There are two people who never fade my mind these days. Malaya Watson, like Jessica Sanchez, has a Filipino roots and sung her piece beautifully that made the judges feel impressed. Call me bias, but she is really very good. My second favorite is no other than Marialle Sellars of Detroit. Man, I fell in love with her like my idol Jennifer Lopez :D . Aside from she wears confidently during her audition her voice is unique. She has her own style of singing that even without a musical accompaniment; she delivers it with flying colors. I love her. Mmmmm.. I’m sure she captured the heart of many after she got more than one ticket from the judges. Yes, it shows how the judges were impressed by the quality of her voice. :)

Anyway, Season X111 judges are Harry Connick, Jr., Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban.

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