Davao-Cagayan de Oro Highway

The Davao-Cagayan de Oro highway is known to be the most difficult road to take by some drivers. Considering its famous crooked road, fogs add dilemma to the situation. We’ve been taking the road many times long before, but yesterday was the worst. Well, it was our first time to travel early dawn and in the evening and we never expected that the Ford Trekker’s Fog Lamp gave hubby a difficulty. It was like driving in a road where we didn’t know if someone will take our way. We fail to consider that experienced fish car and bus drivers are already expert and may choose to overtake cross-ways. Our idea of leaving early in the city was not a good option. We incurred hours of driving slowly to avoid accident, but it was alright given that we arrived safely at CDO and we were on time to attend what we really wanted. The only thing we noticed during our travel was there were not enough road signs along the way. We jokingly tell each other that some of the road signs that were overly displayed along diversion highway must be transferred to the needed areas like Maramag or Buda roads. Moreover, some roads don’t have white painting that will help the driver determine if the fogs are thickly spread and there is no cats-eye around. It is really difficult and I admit I began to worry that time. Hubby realized that next time we decided to travel again to Iligan or Cagayan de Oro is that we leave the city around five in the morning and take the option to spend a night at CDO and go home in the morning instead.

Mmmmm.. There are a lot of things that our government must consider this time. I do not know as of this moment if they already budgeted to paint the roads and put a lot of cats-eyes. Anyway, the road has a lot of road repairs so consider these things as well. You will still also see reclined trucks on the road and I guess it was a result of an overshoot or too much confidence that they knew what they are heading into. Let’s remember that we can’t turn back the time anymore. Sometimes too much confidence of ourselves will give us a look like a fool. :)

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  1. cheekeegirl Says:

    wow! i love to go back in CDO.. it’s a long time I haven’t visited back.

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