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This week’s Kris TV episode is an inspiring show. Kris Aquino featured Gawad Kalinga. Gawad Kalinga or GK in my own understanding is that it is a community where informal settlers are transferred into colored new houses. Little did I know that there is more meaningful beyond my own interpretation and that is to eliminate poverty? I believe in their definition of poverty. Although they say it is an economic problem, but also a behavioral one as well. Based on my experienced, both my parents are not college graduates or born in a silver platter. Yes, they experienced selling cigarettes on the streets and water spinach to their neighbors yet they are able to send us in good school like any other children who have parents employed in bigger companies. My mother told me that if there is no opportunity for them unlike other college graduates, then they created opportunities for themselves. Even they received smaller salary when they were employed on their 20s, it didn’t stop them to create way to source additional money and what they did was, they sell goods to other neighboring cities. I remembered that when we were in school before our mother will always tell us to sacrifice and just be contented of not having new clothes every year because food was the basic need that time. She always stresses that our sacrifice was just temporary and she was right. Well, back to the topic I admired their founder and other helping hands behind GK’s mission and I saw each family transformed and regained their human dignity again. GK’s guidance helps a lot of Filipinos and I admired them for that especially that I saw foreigners helping them in the community.

The more interesting part of GK’s project is that their Enchanted Garden and their Social Businesses. Did you know that Human Nature is part of their enterprise? Yes, the company employs most of the GK residents to help them come up with the finest and organic ingredients of their products and give them a stable job. Their other enterprises include selling golden eggs, gourmet cheese, affordable lodging and many others. Did you know that one way of helping them is to buy their products and through including visiting Enchanted Farm in your itinerary in your travel plans. Honestly, seeing the show this week made me think that I need to go there if I will be in Bulacan. :)

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    very inspiring:)

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