Rainy Season

Before the rainy season starts this month June, hubby and I prepared for it. We all know how abundant rain will pour on our place knowing we are located in an elevated area. I do not know if it comes along that we are close to the clouds, but I observed that I don’t need to water the plants everyday because of our weather condition in our place. Part of our preparation was our recent renovation at the back of our house so that we can do things even if it rains daily. Our washables is the main reason why we have to make an enclosed laundry area. It is a place where we can hang our clothes to dry since we still don’t have a spin dryer. Actually, I am not washing all our dirty clothes, but I volunteered to wash all white and delicate garments to make sure it will not ruin. I am very meticulous when it comes to our clothes and also with the house cleanliness. Forgive me, but I am like this. Hubby would say I am perfectionist and I admit. (LOL) :D

The recent declaration of Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) last Monday that rainy season has started didn’t affect so much to us at all. I guess because we are already prepared. Only thing that worries me is that the people who live in lowland areas. I cannot help it, but think about the previous incidents especially during heavy rains. I hope that affected people before learned about the incident and will become more cautious. I hope so. :)

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