Season Sale and Kadayawan

The opening of Kadayawan last Saturday afternoon is an indication that our festival will continue.  It was last Friday that our Mayor Duterte announced it on public that he permitted his execom to run the event as planned. Actually I have heard that he will announce it yesterday, but I guess the intelligence security assured him that it will be okay to continue even if we are in a middle of bombing threats. Some were happy and some were sad, but to tell you honestly I guess I prefer to stay in the house especially now that I have no extra money to finance my wants. (LOL)

The Kadayawan feast is one of the festivals being anticipated by shoppers. Bigger discounts are now being offered this week. Actually I was invited by my godchild to join her in her make-over along with our other friend who happens to be our previous co-worker. I love to go, but my money is only good to pay a haircut and not for re-bonding and facial. She shared that she is the only employee in their department that haven’t gone a make-over and she wanted it to try this week now that they are offering big discounts. Ironically speaking, there are things to consider this week and make-over’s can wait so maybe I’ll just join them instead. This coming Friday will be another holiday for us Davaoeños and we choose that day to go out.  By the way, Kadayawan is a thanksgiving celebration happens every month of August.  :)

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  1. cheekeegirl Says:

    Let’s celebrate and be merry! Thanks God for our bounties

  2. mikol Says:

    Holiday na pod.. hayahay :)

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