Shengy’s Blog Anniversary

I never imagined that this blog is already six years old. I remember how reluctant I am when it comes to writing because I really don’t write well. I am just so happy that my blog is earning after six months of hard work. The paying sites were so nice that they approved all my application and from then on I started working for them. I am paid fairly and I love it. My laptops and other things in the house are all fruits of my labor.

My blog is used to share my opinions. It is also used to share my rants in life. What I like about my blog is it gives me relief because I can say anything I want. Since this is my blog, I am free to say what I feel and what I see. If others can say something, why can’t I? This is my blog and I’m just being honest like others proved they are absolutely right. I really don’t like to play sugarcoating if what I feel is really different. I am neither a saint nor a liar or do things to please everybody. This is me – transparent yet a nice friend to all who are nice to me. :)

I would like to thank all my avid readers for continuing visiting my site. You are the reasons that I have plenty of assignments until now. Again, thank you.

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